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People can’t make use of your business if they can’t find it! Having Google My Business (Maps), or a Google Pin, can increase your company’s online presence. We can build an effective listing for your business, making it easier for clients to find you!

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What is Google My Business?

It’s time to put your business on the map with Google Maps and My Business. People need to find your business online, quickly and easily. Having a Google Pin can increase your online presence.

It’s relatively easy to create a simple Google Pin location for your business, to make sure that clients can find you. But claiming your Google Maps listing can be overwhelming.

We can build an effective Google Maps listing for your company by setting your My Business account and claiming the listing on your behalf. Our listings are strategically optimised to give you the best possible performance for your company in your location. 

Our Business Package Includes:

With your GMB Package, you get a Google Account for your business, a Map Pin, and a professional listing that we set up for you. This includes information, photos, and we can also help verify your business with Google!

Integration-Ready Package

With our My Business Package, we can quickly integrate several other Google services with your website and marketing; from integrated analytics and goal measurements, to quickly submitting new information to Google's Search Console. 

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What Do Our Packages Cost?

We offer two packages, for your convenience. With the standard My Business Package, you don’t need a website for us to set up and claim your business. It will start appearing on Google Maps! With the Integration Ready package, we can integrate several Google services with your website, improving your SEO.

Google My Business

Put Your Business On The Map
R 350
  • Google Account Creation
  • Google Maps Listing
  • Up to 5 Photos
  • Business Verification


Get Data That You Can Use
R 650
  • My Business Package
  • Search Console Integration
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Google Site Kit (Website Only)
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* There are certain elements, like having a landline number, that can affect how long it takes for your business to be verified.

Google and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Integrating our Google Services with your website SEO isn’t just a good thing to do – it’s essential! Boost your website’s performance in search rankings, see detailed analytics, and set goals for your business with trackable metrics.

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