With Search Engine Optimization (SEO) your website will rank better in search results. We optimize your website to keep in line with Google’s ranking algorithm, and improve your ranking.

What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s the process we use when we optimize your website to certain standards. Google, and other search engines, use these standards, rules and algorithms to determine which websites they should give users. A website that hasn’t been optimized will very rarely rank well against websites that have been optimized to keep search engines happy.

Why Our SEO Team?

Search engines are constantly changing their rules and algorithms. In other words, if your website doesn't adapt to the search engine optimization (SEO) requirements, your competitors will start performing better than you. Here's the thing: because search engines are always adapting, it's hard to stay ahead. You need to be able to adapt to new rules as quickly as possible to avoid falling behind - and for that, you need a team that always stays up to date.

Whi is SEO important?

Having a website that is SEO optimized means that search engines like you more! In other words, the better your website performs against search engine requirements, the more often it will be shown to people searching for your services. With the right keywords, performance, and a few other factors, you can start standing out and reaching your target market.

What to consider for your strategy

When you decide to use a SEO company, ask them how many SEO factors they take into account. There are around 200 factors for Google alone, believe it or not! Of course, you can't cover everything, but there are a few key factors you need to look at. You need to make include on-site and off-site search engine optimization into your SEO planning. There are things you can do to give your website a temporary 'Quick Boost', but what gets you on top today might not keep you on top a few months from now. It's important to have a long term SEO strategy as well.

One size does not fit all. If our packages do not suit your current needs, don't worry! We're happy to provide you with a custom quote depending on your needs.

What SEO Services Do We Offer?

Anima Digital offers a full range of search engine optimization services. It is important to take internal and external factors into account with planning a search engine optimization strategy. We have an expert team who can create and execute an SEO strategy that will give your website a boost in search results. You need to run your business – let our experts handle the rest.


Our experienced team work to optimize websites to that they improve in search rankings. Our goal is always to provide measurable results to our clients.

Content & Copywriting

A very important factor in SEO is optimized quality content. We have over 10 years experience writing SEO optimized content over an array of industries.

On-Site Optimization

When doing search engine optimization, there are many elements to look at on the website itself. This includes performance, internal structuring, etc.


You can't build and SEO strategy without looking at competitors, doing keyword research, and analysing existing content. We conduct a detailed analysis as a part of our SEO services.


There are many factors that play a role in your SEO and search ranking. As part of our services, we integrate various Google Tools into your website to enhance your SEO.

Off-Site Optimization

SEO is not just about what happens on your website. There are external forces that also play a role in your SEO. We look at the whole package, giving you a complete solution.

Getting Started With Our SEO Team

Anima Digital offers Search Engine Optimization mainly as an external service. However, we know that it’s important that you understand what is being doing on your website, and for your business. We also understand that it can be hard to trust an external agency with such an important element of your business.

Because of that, we also offer consulting services. While we cannot guarantee results if you or your internal team elect to do your SEO yourselves, we are happy to provide basic training to your team. Our training can also compliment your business and your team after we’ve done an SEO boost for your website. If you would like to manage your SEO in-house, feel free to contact us about a training session for your team.

Depending on your requirements and location, we will  arrange an on site meeting with you. As an alternative, we offer Skype and Google Meet appointments as we work with clients across South Africa. It’s very important to note that we do sometimes work with paid tools and proprietary techniques. We can’t guarantee that you will achieve the same results without these methods. 

Not sure if we’re the right match for you? Book an online 30 minute Skype or Google Meet appointment with us and meet the team!

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Do You Have An Online Presence?

Do your clients know where to find you online? Without a website, you are losing out on business that are going to your competitors. With our powerful web design and SEO packages, clients can find you exactly when they need to!

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