Web Design

If people can’t find your business online, it means that your competitors are taking your business! Having a professional web design can improve your business reputation and your bottom line.

What is Web Design?

Web design is the creation and development of a website for your business so that it appears online. Not only does it allow more people to find your business, but it gives your business credibility. Coupled with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you’re more likely to be found on Google.

Why Our Design Team?

When it comes to professional design services, experience is important. Creativity is vital. But, most importantly, we understand business. Because of that, our team creates beautiful designs that work.

Why is having a website important?

We live in a digital world and, more often than not, your potential clients turn to the internet to find the services they need. Without a website, you are invisible to these clients will find your competition, before they find you. With a proper, user friendly website with Search Engine Optimization, you make it easier for clients to find you.

Important things to consider

The online marketing and digital media market hasn't been this saturated since the e-boom of the 2000's. You can't through a laptop out of a window without hitting an aspiring web designer, online marketer or 'social media guru'. Unfortunately, that means that you often end up with companies that promise amazing results, without really understanding what a website needs to excel.

When we work with you, we look at your industry and your unique business goals and requirements. We work on the content, Search Engine Optimization, user experience, Google Integration, Page Speed, and that looks good. Don't settle when it comes to your business website - you deserve the best.

What Web Design Services Do We Offer?

Anima Digital offers a full range of design, optimization and integration services for your website. You need to run your business – let our experts handle the rest. Want to know more? Click on the icons below!

WordPress Design

We specialize in WordPress web design. Our team can create beautiful, unique and professional websites for your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Having a great website is only one step to standing out online. With the right Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you can significantly improve the amount of visitors you get.

Google Integration

We offer services to fully integrate Google with your website. Our packages include Google Analytics, Search Console, Site Kit, and more!

eCommerce Design

We can create fully functional eCommerce online shops. We also offer monthly management of your new store.

Responsive Design

Having a mobile friendly web design is a necessity. Not only do a majority of users access websites via their mobile devices, but it is one of Google's best practices.

Web Design Packages

We have several different web design packages, including Start Up, Business, Enterprise and eCommerce. Our packages are optimized for various business sizes.

Website Management & Consulting

Anima Digital offers WordPress website management, consulting and training services. You can book book a session with our team to find out if we can help you. Depending on your requirements and location, we will  arrange an on site meeting with you. As an alternative, we offer Skype and Google Meet appointments as we work with clients across South Africa. It’s very important to note that we very rarely work on websites that are not our own designs. 

Why? Working with a website by another designer often means that we have to root out existing problems before we can enhance, build on or optimize your website. Unfortunately, as with many things, it’s harder to fix existing mistakes on a website than to design a new website. We decide on a case by case basis if we can help you with your existing website, depending on the current design, the platform it’s built on, and what existing problems your website might have.

Do you have a WordPress website that you’re happy with, but not sure how to make the best use of it? Our team can book an online or face to face training session. We can teach you the basics of adding pages, posts or manage your eCommerce store.

Not sure if we’re the right match for you, or if we can help? Book an online 30 minute Skype or Google Meet appointment with us and meet the team!

Web Design Square

Our Web Design Portfolio

Our team always gives their best – that’s why we’re very proud of our design work! Don’t believe us? Check out our web design portfolio, and a collection of our current and previous clients.

Are You Marketing on Social Media?

Almost everyone is one a social media platform today. You need to put your business in front of these potential clients by levering social media marketing. We can help you build a social media presence.

Do You Like It Local?

So do we! We want to spoil local businesses by offering them a special web design and branding package. If your business is younger than 12 months or fall within a certain area, you qualify for our Local Business Package!

Domain (COZA), 4 Page Website, Logo Design, Contact Form, Google Integration, Facebook Setup AND 6 Months' Hosting!

Only R2,499!

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